K a t i e

"I became addicted to learning Ceroc back in my hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, after experiencing the feel good factor that dancing can give you.
After moving out to Hong Kong for my musical career (www.kt-a.com), I couldn't believe Ceroc wasn't here already. Unable to live without it, I trained in London and started Ceroc in Asia. Now we are in Singapore and Malaysia too and run an annual dance holiday in a different destiniation across Asia each October called CPAC. For more info see www.cerocasia.com
Ceroc is such a great way to keep fit, make great friends and have a fun night out, especially after a long day at work. There really are no drawbacks to learning to dance so why not get started and give it a go?!"


B e n

"I first heard of Ceroc when a friend dragged me into a Ceroc freestyle session in Auckland back in 2005. Although I left it on the back-burner at the time, when I finally attended my first class in 2006 I was immediately hooked - to the point of "chasing" Ceroc events ranging from dance parties, workshops, to weekenders hosted overseas and competitions.
What I love about Ceroc is that it can be danced to a large variety of music - from your usual Pop music to Rock, Jazz, Swing and even Blues. Its simple footwork and core techniques allows me to easily apply my own styling options to make myself - and my partner - look dazzling on the dance floor.
Ceroc is a great way to keep fit, a great way to meet new people from all walks of life, a great way to appreciate music, and a great way to relax and express yourself after a busy day at work. I look forward to teaching, dancing with, and seeing you enjoy Ceroc on the dance floor!"


B r e o n

"I was first introduced to Ceroc in Auckland in 1991, shortly after it started
in New Zealand. In the intervening 20 years Ceroc and I have had an on-again, off-again relationship, but since I moved to Hong Kong in late 2009, it has definitely been on!
While I have dabbled in a few other types of dance (ballroom, salsa, bachata, merengue and tango), I have always returned to Ceroc. I love that it can be danced to nearly any kind of music, anywhere that has space, and that it attracts people from all walks of life.
If you're looking for a way of getting some exercise, having fun, meeting new people, and picking up some new skills, I highly recommend Ceroc, and look forward to making you shine on the dance floor!"


M a r g a r e t

I have been a dance instructor and choreographer of classical ballet and contemporary dance for over 15 years. I started to learn Ceroc in 2009 in Hong Kong when I was looking for another kind of dance to learn for fun. I found that it is very easy to dance Ceroc (just step backwards and forwards, I promise!) to all kinds of music, which makes Ceroc suitable for everybody.
This inspired me to qualify as an instructor for Ceroc to teach first wedding dance classes. I really enjoy choreographing moves for wedding couples to make their big day more meaningful.
If you want to dance but no idea how to start, you can choose Ceroc for your starting point. It's the very best way!

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