Cardana dance shoes

Dancing in the right footwear is your secret to success on the dance floor. We do suggest that you can dance Ceroc in any type of shoes with a slippy sole (ie. leather not rubber trainers or flip flops). For guaranteed comfort, however, we offer ladies the chance to own a pair of elegant felt-soled Cardana Dance Shoes.

Cardana dance shoes are renowned for their superior styling, craftsmanship and a perfect fit that will keep you dancing all night long. Cardana dance shoes are designed to be durable, flexible and soft on your skin. Being blister free is blissful!

Sizes available: 35-42, subject to availability

Come to our Studio in Soho to try on a pair: arrange a visit

Our returns policy: exchange within a month

Best buy

Single cushion

  • Padded inner sole with felt outer sole
  • Strong support dance shoes
  • Provide flexibility & comfort on the dance floor

Double Cushion

  • Padded double layer cushion
  • Felt inner & outer sole
  • Soft support dance shoes
  • Luxurious comfort on the dance floor