We now offer 2 different options of group dance class twice a month.
Beginners, Intermediate and Fun Classes for all levels available:

Mondays at Mezcalito

Thursdays at Mazu

Would you like to learn to dance in the heart of Hong Kong? Why not join our signature Ceroc Parties and/or Fun Class & Freestyle nights?

Each Ceroc Party includes a standard drink  - a perfect way to socialize whilst learning a new skill. while enjoying your Beginners and/or Intermediate class.

Our Fun Class & Freestyle nights offer one class suitable for all levels, even complete Beginners. With entry for just $100 and happy hour until 10pm, it’s a great way to dip your toe in.

No need to book or bring a partner, so take your pick or mix and match the nights with a package...

Package Prices:
Ceroc Enthusiast: $1500 + 1 free entry to Mazu
Ceroc Fanatic: $3000 + choose 1 free entry to Mezcalito (no drink) or 2 free entries to Mazu
All Packages are valid for 1  year and may be shared with friends and family

Our qualified Ceroc Teacher’s Association instructors will take you through a class before you dance the night away during our ‘freestyle’ section. What’s really great about Ceroc is that during class we swap partners every few minutes so you make lots of new friends and this improves your dance level quicker in the process too!

During ‘freestyle', everyone asks each other to dance and let’s their hair down.  Ceroc ‘Etiquette’ is that you always say yes to the first dance, so that we promote a friendly atmosphere where guys ask the girls to dance and girls ask the guys. 

Dress code? We are a social dance so come in any regular clothes you feel good in.We also sell dance shoes for ladies to add extra comfort and longevity to your night on the dance floor.

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Travelling out of Hong Kong this week? Why not drop in & dance Ceroc in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or any other worldwide destination: